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Reference Code: GB 0247 MS Ferguson 151
Call Number: MS Ferguson 151
Content: Libro de secreti di chimica. 18th century. Contains instructions for making various varnishes and lacquers, pp 1-31; alchemical recipes for curing illnesses, pp 33-49; recipes for lacquers and dyeing processes, pp 50-68; and instructions for painting, i.e. varnishes, colours, canvasses to be used, pp 69-160. Details for etching on copper are given on p. 72 and for making gunpowder and fireworks on p. 88 and p. 114. Recipes are given from Giovanni Domenico Rossi (p. 128) and Fra Vittore Ghislandi of Bergamo, 1655-1743 (p. 138, p. 144). On p. 153 reference is made to a book entitled Nuovo plico d'ogni sorta di tinture with notes by Galipidio Tallier, the pseudonym of one Albertolli [an ancestor of the painter Giocondo Albertolli (b.1742)?], and of which mention is made of two editions - Liège: Jean François Broncart, 1698 and Lyons: 1714. This Albertolli is said also to have written a work entitled Libro da coro, published at Bologna by Lunghi. Various dates are given on several pages: p. 91 - 1754, 1757 ; p. 94 - 1754 li 10 Novbre ; p. 138 - 1758 ; p. 149 - 755 Giugno ; p. 151 - 1763. The name of the bookseller Rosenthal is noted in Ferguson's hand inside the back cover. Found by the Italian conservator, Claudio Seccaroni, to contain two recipes for lacquers and varnishes associated with the Bergamo artist Vittore Ghislandi, revealing the secret of the artist’s famed red lacquer.
Date of Creation: 17--
Physical Description: Paper. 160 pages. 16.7x10.6 cm. Contemporary paper-covered binding
Language: Italian
Document Type: Document
Bibliography: Claudio Seccaroni, ‘Un ricettario inedito del '700 rivela il segreto della celebre lacca di Fra' Galgario: la lacha fina del S.re Maestro di Pittura, il P.re Vittore Ghislandi di Bergamo’, Kermes: La Rivista del Restauro (Florence), anno 14, no 43 (Luglio-Settembre 2001), pp 35-45, including reproductions of MS Ferguson 151, pp 138 and 144; Gallipido Tallieri, Nuovo plico d'ogni sorta di tinture, arricchito di rari, e bellissimi segreti per colorire animali, vegetabili, e minerali (Bologna, 1679; 2nd ed., Venice, 1780).

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TALLIER, Gallipido Nuovo plico d’ogni sorte di tinture, Arricchito di rari, e bellissimi Secreti per colorire Animali, Vegetabili, e Minerali. Venice Lorenzo Basegio 1704

Very rare second edition (first Bologna 1679) of this popular book devoted to the preparation of paints and coloring techniques.


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