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Welcome in the Home Page of Tullio Buzzi Institute

  • Tullio Buzzi Institute was born in 1886 more than one century ago, thanks to Prato Council’s will. At that time its name was “Royal School for textile and dyeing industries”, but later it became “Weaving and Dyeing Chemistry National Institute” (1921) and then, starting from 1933, it was called “Industrial Technical Institute”.
  • Since 1927 it has been named after Tullio Buzzi, who was, at first, one of the school teachers (1887) and then its headmaster till 1926: it was also thanks to him if the school developed and acquired prestige at a national level.During the 20th century the school has been preparing technical leaders for local industries, thus helping the development of the whole industrial Prato area.
  • The school-subjects non-stop and deep changes have permitted an endless updated technical education, based on a scientific culture which has always been kept up with time. At present the institute offers the students six different specialization branches; the final certificate (diploma), after the school-leaving examination, allows a good insertion into the working-world an it is valid for any university course.
  • Moreover, the diploma permits the admittance, subject to an apprenticeship, to the qualifying examination in order to carry on the profession of junior engineer.