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  • The dyeing junior engineer has the task to plan and carry on tincture processes on raw, semi-manufactured and manufactured textile materials. Moreover he checks the products processes and quality from a chemical point of view, and, at last, he runs the production and service systems.

    The textile industry junior engineer works in the yarn and fabric making, and prepares all technical data needed for their realization. Moreover, he takes care of the production organization and control, of raw materials choices, of the working plans and of raw material and manufactured products quality. In addiction he oversees the different working phases and the products marketing.
    After the introduction of the so-called “clothing bending”, the textile industry junior engineer has acquired technical capabilities for programming, organizing, running and checking clothes production.

    The mechanical junior engineer has the task to plan, manufacture and assemble mechanical devices; moreover he elaborates tool machines for programming and manufacturing cycles. He checks and tests materials and products and looks after installations and machines and organizes maintenance services.

    The chemical junior engineer works as a researcher and a chemical-technological analyst in industies and public labs development, check and quality control. In addiction, he can work in the planning of chemical and technological installations and can organize and test pilot plants.

    The electronic and telecommunications junior engineer has the task to plan the realization and tests of simple, but at the same time, complete, electronic systems, by using specific devices and apparatuses.He can be part of productive cycles and electronic sets as a manager too. Moreover, he tests, runs and checks communications systems, even if complex, taking care of their maintenance too.

    The Informatics junior engineer, besides having a good knoledge of computers and computer components, looks after processes problems and runs operating systems, programs and serial bus devices. In addiction he can make programs in order to solve the problems previously taken into consideration.